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On January 10, 1998, CASB Training Center held a seminar "The Career Perspective in Finance Industry and IT Enterprise" at Columbia University. The genearl manager and vice president in operations of StarCom Group, Dr. Tim Gong gave a 50 minutes speech entitled "Consulting Career and Business Opportunities". The other speakers were Dr. Bin Lin, director of quantitative analysis group of SBC Warburg Dillon Read Inc., and Mr. Gang Chen, president of TecheNet Inc. Around 150 people attented the siminar. For materials of the speech, please contact

StarCom Resources Inc. has become the first corporate member of CASB (Chinese Association of Science and Business). StarCom Group fully supports the mission of CASB, and is committed to helping CASB provide and promote more business opportunities for Asians. For more information about CASB, please view , and read an article submitted to the NOSIB workshop organized by CASB on Nov. 8, 1997.

StarCom was founded by Mr. Chauncey Shey and Mr. Ying Wu, who are also the co-founders of UTStarcom Inc. ( Recently there was extensive media coverage about successful story of UTStarcom. "Business Week", issue of Nov.10, 1997 has a paragraph in its "International Business"; section.