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Database Browser

Cute DB Explorer 2.0, is a powerful, fast and true 32-bit multithreaded relational database browser, which is developed by StarCom Group's partner company Allegro Software Inc.

Cute DB Explorer allows users to work with any number of different relational databases at same time. For example, a user can work with Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server and Microsoft Access at same time in a single instance of Cute DB Explorer. It allows users to browse information of tables and stored procedures in databases. It can display schema, row count, primary key, foreign key and data of tables, and parameters of stored procedures. It allows users to edit, execute and save queries and stored procedures, and view the retrieved data and execution messages resulted from the query execution in tabbed windows. It automatically logs successfully executed queries and stored procedures for later use. It can also save any queries and stored procedures as users' favorite queries that can be edited, loaded and executed later. It allows users to find tables, columns in tables, stored procedures and rows in the retrieved data very quickly and efficiently. It allows users to selectively save, print and print-preview tables, table schema, stored procedures and parameters of stored procedures easily and quickly. It can cache database information to ensure quick save, search, print and print-preview for tables and stored procedures. It allows users to save retrieved data, table and stored procedure information in the format of spreadsheet and text. It can automatically fire up the default spreadsheet application after saving the data if users choose so. And more ... Cute DB Explorer 2.0 requires Windows 95/NT 4.0 or later, ODBC Data Source Administrator and drivers for relational databases. The cost of Cute DB Explorer 2.0 is $49 and the evaluation period is 30 days.

You can Download and try out Cute DB Explorer 2.0.