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Stock Quote Format Converter

Quote Format Converter1.0 is developed by StarCom Group's partner company Allegro Software Inc.,

As a stock investor, you can download unlimited number of daily stock quotes right into your desktop absolutely free. It allows users to convert downloaded quotes to the format that can be recognized by most stock market technical analysis software, such as Windows On Wallstreet, and the converted quotes can then be imported for charts and graphs. It can convert multiple files and sort the converted quotes by dates automatically. It allows users to create and configure formats of both source and target very easily and quickly. Security import and export features provide convenient way for users to maintain lists of securities to work with. Download now and try it out.

Quote Format Converter 1.0 requires Windows 95/NT 4.0 or later and proper network components installed. The cost of Quote Format Converter 1.0 is $20 and the evaluation period is 30 days.

You can Download and try out Quote Format Converter 1.0.