About Certificates


Existing Computer Certificates:

Operating System:

  • SSA, Solaris System Administrator from Sun Microsystem.
  • CSA, Certified UNIX(Solaris) Administrator from Sun Microsystem.
  • MCSE, Mircosoft Certified System Engineer from Microsoft.
  • MCP, Microsoft Certified Product Specialist from Microsoft.
  • CNE, Certified Netware Engineer from Novell.

Software Development:

  • MCSD, Mircosoft Certified Solution Developer from Microsoft.
  • CJP, Certified Java Programmer from Sun Microsystem.
  • CPD, Certified PowerBulider Developer from PowerSoft.

Database Administration and Development:

  • CSPDBA, Certified Sybase Professional Database Adiministration.
  • CSPIFD, Certified Sybase Professonal Open Interface Developer.
  • Certificate Oracle Professional Database Administration.


  • MCT, Microsoft Certified Trainer from Microsoft.

How to get those certificates:

You need to pass certain tests offered by Testing Centers. All tests are very technical and need thorough preparation in order to pass. Here are the tests:

  • MCSE(6 Tests): MS Windows NT Enterprise, MS Windows NT Server, MS Windows NT Workstation, Network Essential, MS TCP/IP, MS Internet Information Server.
    For details see http://www.microsoft.com/train_cert/
  • MCSD(4 Tests): MS Windows Architechture I, MS Windows Architechture II, Visual Basic, MS SQL Server
    For details see http://www.microsoft.com/train_cert/
  • CJP(1 Test): Programming with Java …
  • SSA(1 Test): Solaris System Administration Test …
  • CSA(2 Tests): UNIX(Solaris) Administration I, UNIX(Soliars) Adiministration II …
  • CPD(2 Tests): PowerBulider Fundamental and PowerBulider Advanced …
  • CSPDBA(2 Tests): Sybase Fundamental, Sybase Administration …
  • CSPIFD(3 Tests): Sybase Fundamental, Sybase Administration, Sybase Performance and Tuning …
  • CSPIFD(3 Tests): Sybase Fundamental, Open Client using Client Library, OpenServer using Client Library …