StarCom Group Software/Networking Training Center

Advanced Visual Basic & Database Programming (50 Hours)

Course Objective:

This training program is designed for people who already have some visual basic knowledge, and are interested in entering into high level computer programming profession using VB in microsoft windows environment, especially Visual Basic Enterprise development. With our strong training team, coupled with a variety of business cases and real projects, we strive to lay a solid foundation for our trainees, and equip them with the best computer skills, strong enough to qualify for a senior programmer position. In the mean time, participants will have obtained enough computer knowledge to make intelligent decisions on further professional development to build a successful career in the computer software profession.

Course Syllabus:

1. Database Developer Overview

    The Database Developer
    Designing Database
    Creating and Managing Database Objects
    Accessing Data in databases
    Data Access Model for Visual Basic
       OLE DB
       Oracle Objects for OLE
    Optimizing Database Application

2. Using Data Access Objects

    DAO Overview
    Connecting to SQL Server
    Working with Recordsets
    Modifying Data
    Finding Records
    Using Queries
    Using SQL Pass-Through Queries
    Working with Stored Procedures
    Handling SQL Server Messages

3. Using Remote Data Objects

    RDO Overview
    Connecting to SQL Server with RDO
    Building Result Sets
    Data manipulation
    Working with Stored Procedures
    Using RDO UserConnection Designer
    Using the Transact-SQL Debugger
    Using RemoteData Control

4. Using Oracle with Visual Basic

    Oracle Overview
    Using Oracle Objects for OLE
    Data Processing Samples

5. Creating ActiveX Clients

    The Component Object Model

    Implementing Automation
    Characteristics of Server Components
    Creating a Client in Visual Basic
    Receiving Notifications from Servers
    Creating a Client that Uses Microsoft Excel

6. Creating ActiveX Code Components

    Creating Objects in Visual Basic
    Working with ActiveX Code Component Projects
    Testing ActiveX Code Components
    Using Events
    Implementing an Interface
    Additional Features of Code Components

7. Using ActiveX Components on a Web Page

    Downloading Controls
    Scripting a Control
    Providng Security for Components

8. Creating and Using ActiveX Documents

    Working with ActiveX Document Projects
    Testing and Debugging ActiveX Documents
    Multiple Document Projects
    The User Interface and User Documents

9. Introducing Active Server Page

    Web Server Scripting
    ADO for Data Access