StarCom Group Software/Networking Training Center

JAVA & Advanced JAVA (100 hours)

Course Objectives:

Our primary goal is to provide participants with a solid, in-depth understanding of JAVA language and the Object Oriented programming methodology so that they can become competent and valuable JAVA programmers for potential employers.

To achieve this goal, we have designed a 100-hour-long quality program with emphasis on hands on trainings in a real business environment. In addition, each student is awarded with the rare opportunity of participating in a real life e-commerce business project. This is a project large enough and serious enough for potential employers and recruiters to consider as the equivalent of working experience.

Course Schedule:

100 hours (instruction + project)
Tuition: $2,000.00

Course Syllabus:

1. Introduction to JAVA and OO concept

What is Java?
Java based applications
Object Oriented Concept

2. JAVA Basics & the Object Oriented Design Methodologies

Overview and Comparison with C and C++
Variables and Types
Arrays, Strings and Objects
Operators and Statements
Casts and Conversions
Java Packages

3. Classes and Objects

What are Classes and Objects?
Instance Methods
Class Variables and Methods

4. Inheritance

What is Inheritance?
Inheritance in Java
Abstract and Final Classes
Equality and Downcasting

5. Some Java Classes

The Object Class and Wrapper Classes
Vector, Hashtable and other utility classes

6. Interfaces

What are Interfaces?
Implementing Interfaces

7. Exception Handling

Throwing and Catching Exceptions
Declaring Exceptions
Writing Exceptions
Using Exceptions
The finally Clause

8. Applets

Applet Methods

9. Graphics

Lines and Shapes

10. Threads

What are Threads?
Threads in Java
Other Thread Features

11. Animation

Basic Animation
Using the MediaTracker

12. Events

Understanding the new event model
Drawing with events

13. Graphical User Interfaces

Event-Driven Programming
Event Handlers
Layout Managers

14. Input/Output

Steams - sequential reading or writing
File - file manipulation

15. Networking

What is a Network?
World-Wide Web Programming
TCP/IP Programming
CGI with Java

16. Java Security

Applet security issues
The bytecode verifier
Public-key cryptography
Digital Signatures

17. Overview of New Java Features

Java RMI
Java Servelet Programming