StarCom Group Software/Networking Training Center
Visual C++ Workshop
Workshop Description:
This training program has an extensive coverage of the fundamentals of Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) libraries. It is designed to familiarize participants with the MS Developer Studio visual development system, teach them how to create single document interface (SDI) applications and to develop applications and components for database front ends and the Internet using the Microsoft Visual C++ development system, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), Active Template Library (ATL), and Component Object Model (COM) technologies.

One unique feature of this workshop is that it is conducted through interactive training, an indisputable improvement from the traditional textbook teaching. This effective and pioneering training method coupled with the rare opportunity of a real life product development project, offers its participants the most rewarding high quality training available. The interactive teaching of this class is based on 2 Multimedia Training CDs exclusive of Microsoft’s own training courses – Mastering MFC Fundamentals and Mastering MFC Development using Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0. The product development project will be carried out under the leadership of our own senior consultants, who will share their valuable insights and experience in the computer world.

Upon completion of the first part of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and describe the types of applications and components that can be developed using MS Visual C++;
  • Know the basic architecture of an MFC application and the general structure of the MFC Library
  • Debug MFC applications; use MFC to design, create, and implement menus, toolbars, status bars, and dialog bars
  • Design, build, and test dialog boxes;
  • Describe the view classes available in MFC and implement them, case by case, in an application
  • Build database applications; create custom queries, select specific records, and lock records using MFC
  • Use the Web Browser control, WinInet, and WinSock classes; build MFC Internet applications
  • Create ActiveX components using the ActiveX control wizard and use them in an MFC application
  • Create COM objects using ATL COM AppWizard, and use them in an MFC application
  • Create Internet server application programming interface (ISAPI) extensions for both applications and filters

Product Development / Project Description:
All participants are expected to develp a data retrieval system which will periodically retrieve data from a SQL server and Web Server, and an e-mail server, and sotre them in a local database. It will function as a pull and push agent. All those retrieved data could be shown in tree view, List view, and Html view depending on the type of those data.

In addition to the fundamental knowledge learned through the first part of the program, participants will have the opportunity to learn and most importantly practice on many other aspects of the programming world, including:

1. Graphics User Interface
  • Single Document Interface
  • Multiple pane split window
  • Tree view and List view
  • Property sheet
2. Database
  • ODBC
  • DAO
3. Client / Server
  • TCP/IP and UDP/IP
  • Http server
4. ActiveX and Web Technologies
  • Develop a simple ActiveX control
  • How to use web browser control
5. Multimedia
  • Your will learn how to make your application speak!

Most importantly, the Product Development Project will give the participants an industry experience of being involved in a real life product development process, which not only gives them a valuable opportunity to put into practice of what they have learned, but also reward them with an industry recognized equivalence of at least 6 to 12 month working experience as a computer software professional.

Course Schedule & Tuition: 120 Hours (training & project) $2000.00