StarCom Group Software/Networking Training Center

Web Developer Training Program (70 Hours)

Course Description:

This Program is designed to offer a complete training on many skills essential to becoming a quality Web Developer. The entire training program will last 70 hours, finishing off with a complex real life business web design project guided by our own teacher and consultant.

Course Schedule:

Class meets Sun. 2:30 - 7:30pm
Tuition: $

Course Syllabus:

1. Creating the Basic Web Page

  • Building the Foundation
  • Providing structure
  • Adding context
  • Using basic style
  • Creating lists
  • Adding links
  • Including Images and Multimedia
  • Adding images to a web page
  • Using imagemaps for navigation
  • Animating Graphics
2. Adding interactivity
  • How to create the HTML forms
  • How to using a Scripting language
  • Adding layers
  • Dynamically Changing Style
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Dynamically Changing Page content
  • How to using CGI
  • Advanced topics
  • Using Meta information to describe your document
  • How to creating widely accessible web pages
3. HTML Publishing
  • Validating your HTML Publishing your web pages
  • How to maintaining your web site
4. Web Publishing with FrontPage 98
  • Building your site
  • Structuring your web
  • Getting started with web pages using fp98
  • Adding and formatting text
  • Incorporating graphics
  • How to use hyperlinks and page layout
  • How to use fp components
5. Activating Your Site
  • HTML forms and fp form Handlers
  • Accessing Databases with fp
  • Incorporating custom script code
  • Incorporating Active Controls
  • Incorporating Java Applets
6. Maintenance and utility Function
  • How to keeping the site up to date
  • Link checking
  • Finding and replacing text
  • Invoking other editors from fp
  • How to test your web
  • Fp security
  • Administering security for an existing fp web
  • Administering web-level security
  • Administering folder-level security

Intergrating FrontPage and Your Web Server

  • Understanding web servers
  • Server connectivity and TCP/IP
  • Server names and the domain name system
  • Server-side programming
  • Understanding the fp server extensions
7. Introduction to ASP
  • Getting started with web enabling creating dynamic applications with ASP
  • Applications: A changing architecture for changing needs
  • The web brower and the web server
  • The http-tcp/ip connection
  • The database server
  • The firewalls
  • Developing and deploying ASP applications

VB Script and Java Script introduction

  • Programming bascis
  • Controlling program flow with vbscript
  • Working with functions, subroutines, and dialog boxes
  • Putting it all together with script languages
8. Active Server Objects: The essential building blocks
  • The composition of an active server application
  • Controlling the application which is the object
  • Controlling the server with the server object and using transaction processing with the objectcontext object
  • Session object
  • Response collection
  • Request object
  • How to build an online catalog
9. Active Server Components
  • Implementing existing server-side components
  • The getadvertisement method
  • Ad rotator component
  • The browser capabilities component
  • The broweeeescap.ini file
  • The databse access component
  • The Active messaging/smtp component
  • The tools component
  • The content linking component
  • The counter component
  • Implementing and creating an online registration application
10. Introduction Database Management with ASP I
  • Database access with ADO
  • Understanding ADO
  • Ole db web application development
  • Products for web development
  • Transaction and rollback processing
  • How to creating a simple data-driven ASP program
  • Working with ADO's connection object
  • Using command objects
  • ADO's recordset object
11. Introduction Database Management with ASP (with SQL) II
  • Managing your database
  • SQL client/server development
  • Transaction processing with transaction server
  • Transaction inside transaction server
  • Odbc
  • How to designing and configuring databases
  • Accessing databases with remote data services
  • How to create a dynamic database application
12. ASP and the enterprise solution
  • Introduction Visual InterDev: The ASP Integrated Development Environment
  • Visual database tools
  • The integreted data view
  • The query designer
  • Database designer
  • Data-form wizards
  • Productivity features
  • Working with the microsoft transaction server
  • Working with the message queue server
13. Application Development for the Corporate Intranet / Extranet
  • Developing intranet applicaitons
  • Project management tool
  • Building and extranet
  • Securing your extranet from intruders
  • Using IIS to manage your web applications
  • How to creating an online catalog application
  • Creating the cusomized database access component
14. Finish Final Project